Orson Bean
Gene Wood
Concentration 1985 Pilot
Unsold Pilot: 1985
Mark Goodson Productions
Jim Victory Television

This is chronicling the failed 1985 pilot for a new version of Concentration.

Game formatEdit

Main GameEdit

Two contestants faced a computer animated game board consisting of 25 numbered squares. Behind those numbers were pairs of words that connect together and match in some way. The hidden words cover up a rebus puzzle which the contestants try to solve. To start the game, two puzzle pieces were revealed at the start. In another pilot, four puzzle pieces were revealed at the beginning and no puzzle pieces in the second game. On a player's turn he/she picked off two numbers at a time. If the numbers he/she picked uncovered a match, he/she won $100 and revealed two pieces of a puzzle. If he/she doesn't match, a funny reaction would occur and control of the board goes to the opponent. Also on the board were three Wild Cards and when one was uncovered, another number on the board revealed the natural match; so therefore three pieces were revealed instead of two; no mention was made of any bonus for matching the Wild Cards since it did not occur. The first player to solve the puzzle kept the cash and went on to play the bonus game for prizes and $5,000 cash.

Bonus RoundEdit

In the bonus round instead of 25 numbered squares, the winning contestant was faced with 15 numbered squares. Behind the numbers were seven matching pairs of prizes plus one unmatched prize which acted as a decoy to distract the contestant. The winning contestant's objective was to match as many prizes as they can within the time limit; the time was 50 seconds plus 10 for every bonus round loss. Each time a match was made, the contestant won the matched prize. If he/she can match all seven prizes before time ran out, the winning contestant also won $5,000.


  • The 1985 pilot used the sound when a Fast Money answer in Family Feud was revealed. It was first used on Trivia Trap.
  • The theme song from Classic Concentration was also used as a main theme song for the 1985 pilot.


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